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The gift of Aloha

Exquisite artisan crafted chocolate confections with traditional and island inspired flavors, using the fresh bounty of Hawaii's fruits, nuts, spices and coffee.

Aloha and Welcome to Kokolani Chocolates. We specialize fine chocolates utilizing the tropical bounty of the Hawaiian islands fruits, nuts, herbs, spices and coffee. Our products are made in small batches by hand with fresh ingredients and hand decorated to make them look as good as they taste. We search out fine cocoa from around the world, including cocoa grown locally in Hawaii to craft our unique chocolates. Please visit one of our chocolate boutiques the next time you are in Oahu or Maui , but if you can't we are happy to send a little bit of aloha to you.

Latest News

ATTENTION - SHIPPING CHANGE: Due to cooler temperatures we are back to standard 2-Day Fedex shipping. All orders will ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only and are packaged in thermal wrapping or gel ice for maximum protection.

SPC is under NEW Ownership!  SPC welcomes new owner & chocolatier, Virginia Douglas to Maui In addition to creatiing delicious truffles, Virginia creates the first Maui grown and produced "Bean 2 Bar" chocolate bar called Hana Gold.

We are a Proud Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative Founding Circle Member

Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative

SAVE THE CHOCOLATE! The diamonds of chocolate vanishing and could be lost forever unless we act to identify, preserve, and propagate them. That’s why we became Founding Circle Members of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP). A partnership between the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the USDA, the HCP is a totally new way to evaluate, identify, and value cacao that has special, extraordinary, and/or unique flavor cacao and reward the family farms who grow it by helping them achieve the same or even greater income than they would by selling ordinary or bulk cacao.

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Did you know...

Join us every Thursday and Sunday for our Chocolate Immersion Workshop at the Enchanting Floral Gardens of Kula. In The 1 1/2 hr workshop you will learn about how cacao is grown, harvested, fermented and processed, actually make chocolate from roasted beans and enjoy a guided tasting of 7 amazing world and Hawaiian grown chocolates. Book it here:

Our Wailea Chocolate Boutique is now open on Maui in the Wailea Gateway Center. For more information see our contact page for details and directions.

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