Our Farm

Hana Gold is a 10 acre farm in Mauiís famous Hana district. The climate is perfect-moist and jungle like for growing great cacao. Hana Gold is owned by the Frost family and Virgina turns their beans into Mauiís first chocolate bar. Several flavor bars are available.

Vanilla orchids are grown on host trees of Gliricidia (Madre de Cacao, a nitrogen fixing tree). Between the shaded rows of vanilla are cacao trees. While vanilla must be hand pollinated to form beans the shaded , moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for the midges-the tiny flies that pollinate cacao. This delicious and unusual farm combination will be open for our revised Food of the Gods Tour in early 2016 where you can learn about the growing and processing of these two beloved crops that share an ancient history. Pollination Party anyone?

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